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Laboratories around the world have relied on Cobert Associates' quality products for four decades.

From Mass Spectrometry to Ultra High Performance LC, analysts find the equipment and technical expertise they need to keep their labs running smoothly and within budget.

  • Thermo Scientific Innovative SureStop 9mm Vials

    What does SureStop mean for your laboratory? It means confidence that your sample is secure. Analytical consistency will improve, as a result of the elimination of evaporation differences between samples. When consistency improves, data quality improves and SureStop vials become the most trusted chromatography consumable in your lab. Cobert Associates can offer you the best pricing on SureStop 9mm Vials.   

  • eVol® The World's First Digital Analytical Syringe

    View this video to learn about the benefits of using your R&D 100 award winning eVol®. eVol® the world's first digital analytical syringe improves the pace of laboratory processes while delivering improved accuracy and reproducibility, with standardized results independent of operator skill.   

  • Vials Remove Subjectivity Around Optimal Compression

    The Thermo Scientific National SureStop vial is designed to eliminate variations in sealing inherent in manual tightening and optimizes septum compression each time. The threads have a "stop" designed to prevent under- and over-tightening. Evaporation studies have shown that the SureStop vial produces the lowest loss to evaporation and the lowest standard deviation in evaporation of any mainstream 2 mL vial, which can protect data quality by reducing a source of experimental variation. Chromatography consumables expert, Stephanie Urriola, explains. Remember to order your SureStop 9mm vials from Cobert Associates for the lowest pricing and best technical assistance anywhere.   

  • Pushing the Boundaries of Biology with Mass Spectrometry

    Ian Jardine, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, talks about the new Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion. The Orbitrap Fusion combines quadrupole, linear ion trap and Orbitrap technologies into a flexible research MS system that enables researchers to probe biology in a way they have never been able to before. The new system increases the number of peptides seen in a single LC-MS run by 20-30%. his experiences leading the team that has brought so many breakthroughs in mass spectrometry over the years, and what these developments mean for the future of research.   

  • Sample Prep Liquid Chromatography Made Easy

    Jenny Olsen introduces the Thermo Scientific* Prelude SPLC System that makes LC/MS accessible to clinical research and forensic toxicology labs with high efficiency multiplexing, TurboFlow* on-line sample clean up, and chromatographic separation. Practical, economically viable LC/MS analysis is now available with the Thermo Scientific Prelude SPLC Sample Preparation and Liquid Chromatography system. Combined with a Thermo Scientific MS system, the Prelude SPLC system enables fast, reproducible and reliable on-line clean up, high performance chromatographic separation and mass spectrometric analysis of complex biological samples.   

  • High-Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography (HPAE-PAD)

    High-Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography (HPAE-PAD) enables faster and more accurate analysis or anionic analytes and carbohydrates without derivatization, including mono-, di-, tri-, oligo- and polysaccharides, sugar alcohols, and amino sugars. HPAE uses hydroxide-based eluents at high pH to produce anions from analytes that would not be anionic at neutral pH. Chromatography with these eluents is possible due the development of metal-free, polymer based chromatographic systems and pH stable (0 to 14) nonporous polymeric resins, in which small anion-exchange MicroBeads* carrying the anion-exchange functional groups are permanently attached electrostatically to a larger cation-exchange resin particle. The nonporous nature of the resin minimizes band-broadening and imparts highly effective separation of a wide variety of carbohydrates, including branched oligosaccharides. A range of different columns for carbohydrate separations from mono, di-, tri- to oligo- and polysaccharides is available under the Thermo Scientific Dionex CarboPac columns brand.   

  • Five New Accucore Solid Core HPLC Columns

    Accucore Polar Premium, a rugged amide-embedded C18 phase offering complementary selectivity to conventional C18 columns Accucore Phenyl-X, featuring a proprietary reversed-phase shape selectivity with high aromatic selectivity Accucore C30, designed for high shape selectivity for hydrophobic, long chain, structurally related isomers Accucore Urea-HILIC for HILIC, designed for selectivity and low ion exchange activity Accucore 150-Amide-HILIC, designed to separate hydrophilic biomolecules in HILIC mode, intended for glycan separations.   

  • New Autosampler Designed for Fast Start-Up, High-Productivity

    Excerpt of Massimo Santoro talking about the new Thermo Scientific TriPlus 300 Headspace Autosampler is designed for fast start-up, high productivity and flexibility for analyzing organic volatiles.   

  • The World's First Universal High-Pressure IC System

    The Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC system is able to analyze samples at capillary, microbore, or standard flow rates (or any combination of two, in a dual system) at up to 5000 psi. Product Manager Frank Hoefler, Ph.D., explains   

  • Optimizing Your Use of eVol® Digital Analytical Syringe

    View this video to further extend your eVol®'s capabilities by using innovative features not found in any other hand-held positive displacement device on the market.

  • Wheaton's Crimpenstein Electronic Crimper/Decapper

    The innovative CRIMPenstein is engineered to improve productivity and efficiency where vials are capped with aluminum seals.

  • MEPS Micro SPE - ONline and Offline Sample Preparation System

    MEPS micro SPE enables faster sample preparation by combining SPE phases inside a special needle assembly or 'BIN' that is then attached to the MEPS syringe. MEPS works with much smaller samples (as small as 10µL) than full scale SPE and can be fully automated; extraction and injection steps are performed on-line using the same syringe. MEPS is applicable to GC and LC.

  • Corning - A Day Made of Glass

    Watch "A Day Made of Glass" and take a look at Corning's vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it.

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