How to Choose GC Ferrules

GC Ferrule Guide

  • Upper temperature limit: 450° C
  • Highest-purity graphite for GC use
  • Does not stick to glass; ideal for metal-to-glass connections
  • Reusable if not overtightened
  • One-piece design; no back ferrule required
  • Upper temperature limit: 350° C
  • 100% high-temperature DuPont® polyimide
  • Precision machined; no imperfections from molding
  • One piece design; no back ferrule required
Vespel® / Graphite
  • Upper temperature limit: 400° C
  • 40% Graphite, 60% DuPont polyimide
  • Recommended for GC/MS interface applications
  • Reusable; does not seize onto column
  • Precision machined I.D.
  • One-piece design; no back ferrule required
  • Upper temperature limit: 250° C
  • Completely inert 100% Teflon®
  • One-piece design; no back ferrule required
For All Ferrules, PLEASE NOTE:
  • 0.4mm I.D.ferrules fit 0.25mm I.D. fused silica columns
  • 0.5mm I.D.ferrules fit 0.32mm I.D. fused silica columns
  • 0.8mm I.D.ferrules fit 0.53mm I.D. fused silica columns
  • "Straight" ferrules are used for packed columns

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