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Laboratories around the world have relied on Cobert Associates' quality products for four decades.

From Mass Spectrometry to Ultra High Performance LC, analysts find the equipment and technical expertise they need to keep their labs running smoothly and within budget.

XPERTEK® Line of Superior Quality Chromatography Supplies

Your Assurance of Expert Technology

Cobert Associates offers specialized chromatography products your lab requires under our XPERTEK® trademark.  

XPERTEK® chromatography products were developed during our 30 years of service to you, our valued customer, as our way of guaranteeing the highest quality and availability at the most competitive prices.  

Our XPERTEK® products will help you derive the maximum benefit from your R&D expenditures while helping you to achieve technical success.  

Cobert Associates stands behind the high quality of each and every product.

XPERTEK® Capillary Columns

Our capillary columns are made by cross bonding only the finest liquid phases onto the best fused silca polyimide clad tubing. Each column is extensively tested for quality and preconditioned so it is ready to use. You don't have to waste valuable lab time conditioning your columns. Our columns have extremely low bleed and excellent column reproduction. Each capillary column is supplied with a test chromatogram and we guarantee the quality of each and every one.


Our XPER-CHROM® HPLC packings are some of the finest on the market. Every XPER-CHROM column is individually tested to meet our rigid quality control specifications. Each column is tested using more test components than any of our competitors. Your column will contain a test chromatogram showing operating conditions, theoretical plate calculations and K' values for each test mix, as well as our "Care and Use Manual."

XPERTEK® Filtration Products

Clean-up procedures such as syringe disc filtration, in-line filtration and filtration membranes protect your valuable HPLC and capillary columns from particulate debris. Solid phase extraction (SPE) devices can help filter as well as concentrate samples, insuring better detection. Cobert Associates offers XPERTEK products that suit every sample cleanup/preparation need. Our XPERTEK sample extraction devices can desalt, concentrate and screen for all your special components in almost all types of samples.

XPERTEK® Vials & Glassware

Our XPERTEK glassware consists of an extensive line of autosampler vials and accessories for almost every brand of autosampler on the market today. Cobert Associates goes out of our way to give you the most varied selection of vials at the most competitive prices so that we can be your one stop shopping source. Let us help you with your special cap/septa/vial requirements. Before you pay extra money for vials from sources claiming special certification, give Cobert Associate vials a look. The quality of our vials meet or exceed that of any vial you can find from any other source; we won't charge you extra for something that you don't need.

XPERTEK® Other Products

Cobert Associates offers a variety of other XPERTEK items such as Deuterium Lamps, HPLC fittings, empty HPLC columns, centrifuge tubes and more. Look for the XPERTEK label... you'll know you are getting the very best.

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